What’s the “sports” science behind a high-five?

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Hey guys!
And welcome to the second season of your favorite sports science and physical education podcast, Podium Sportcast!
I have the pleasure of interviewing the lovely FRANZISKA LAUTENBACH,
and today we are going to talk about the topic: “What is the “sports” science behind a high-five? PART-2″.
In our first season, we interviewed Lisa Musculus about this topic, and now we have the “Grand Finale” on this topic.
I should point out that Franzi is a junior professor at Humbolt University in Berlin and one of the leading female scientists who still believe in “work hard and play hard”. Jokes aside, we’re really looking forward to learning from her and having her in this second season.
If you are interested in psychophysiology and sports psychology, this is your episode!
Podcast with audio in German.

If you want to know more about what Franziska Lautenbach does, contact her here for a collaboration:
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