What is the role of adventure sports in school Physical Education?

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Find out more about a broad overview of the potential of adventure sports in teaching Physical Education and Sport in Brazil. Google (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.0) #10

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And welcome to the second season of your favorite Physical Education and Sports Science Podcast, Podium Sportcast!
I have the pleasure of interviewing our dear Giuliano Pimentel, and today we will discuss the topic: “What is the role of Adventure sports in school Physical Education?”
This more than complex question deserves a book as an answer. In this masterpiece made in cooperation with several colleagues, we are presented with a very broad overview of the potential of Adventure sports in teaching Physical Education and Sport in Brazil.
Professor Giuliano is the second Professor interviewed from the State University of Maringá in Paraná, if you want to know who was the first, just click here:

A really cool experience we had together was teaching a class on the subject of Capoeira to undergraduate students in Physical Education at the University of Münster in Germany.
I invite all of you interested in the topics of adventure sports, extreme sports, Physical Education and Sports in general to delight and enjoy this new episode of our second season.
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