What is the math behind fine motor behavior?

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How can mathematics be related to sports?🇬🇧#12

Hello, dear audience!
Welcome to the second season of your favorite physical education and sports science podcast, Podium Sportcast.
Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing our dear Alexej Michirev,
and we will talk about the topic: “What is the mathematics behind fine motor behavior?”
This scientific question you attempted to answer brilliantly in your publication: “A Developmental Embodied Choice Perspective Explains the Development of Numerical Choices.”
Alexej and I shared the same office for many months and I am really impressed with his knowledge and ability to explain complex things in an easy and understandable way. Although in common sense mathematics cannot initially be related to motion, I see a lot of overlap and your research was able to shed light on the topic.
If you are interested in the topics of fine motor control, decision making, Physical Education vs. Mathematics, as well as embodiment, this episode is exactly what you are looking for.
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