How do high-performing athletes think and react before and after competition?

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Psychology of high performance athletes. #13

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Today it is my pleasure to interview our dear Ricardo Picoli, a researcher super interested in Sport Psychology, whether to increase sports performance or for the health of athletes. Psychologist by nature and passionate about the whole process around sports. He loves science communication like I do, participates and hosts the super recommended channels of scientific dissemination. Founder of Nucleo SCORE with “Nucleo SCORE Sportcast” ( And the channel “Provocando-nos” ( where he discusses current and relevant topics for our society in general, with the ingenious touch of the respected scientist that he is. He has a master’s degree and a doctorate from the beautiful and beloved USP in Ribeirão Preto.

In addition, he actively participates in the coordination of the “Specialization in Exercise and Sport Psychology at U.F. San Carlos”. And he is CTO of the Brazilian Association of Sport Psychology. But that’s not all, he is active in various social projects, especially with Handebol (Bola Bacana Ribeirão), he is an active guitarist in the band “OS ANDARILHOS”, in addition to being super politically positioned, and enjoying scientific events with other Brazilians in particular. in Germany where we met, Phew!!!

We talked about his recently published doctoral thesis entitled “Relationships between achievement motive, achievement goal and pre-competitive states of mind of Brazilian athletes according to gender, type of sport and time course” I invite you to listen to this enriching conversation and a lot of learning, also with the participation of Rafhaela Priolli, a great handball player today and companion of the USP Selection.

Podcast with audio in Portuguese (Brazilian).

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